Absolutely! You will find other competitors weighted baseballs are split leather (less quality leather) or synthetic, and they are much more expensive. However, our C25 Weighted Ball Throwing Program is specifically designed for high school catchers and above only.
Yes, all the drills in the Video Drill Series can be thrown by a coach. They just wont have as much of the desired overload and underload training effect
Younger catchers can absolutely acclimate themselves to training off a machine with the underload balls (3oz, 4oz). Those balls pose very little risk of injury because of their light weight. However, proceed with caution with the overload balls and make sure the catcher is capable of handling the weight thrown. We predominately recommend overload balls (6oz, 7oz, 8oz) for high school age and above, but there is always exceptions with very talented younger catchers. Leave that for a professional catching trainer to decide.
See our complete list of C25 Compatible Pitching Machines. Cheaper machines, or one wheel machines are not recommended for use with our overload baseballs (6oz, 7oz, 8oz).
No. We have tested a multitude of pitching machines with thousands of feeds, and none had any sort of breakdown. However, it is safe to assume the underload baseballs (3oz, 4oz) will have slightly less wear and tear on your machine, and the overload baseballs (6oz, 7oz, 8oz) will have slightly more wear and tear. We highly recommend you stay within the scope of C25 Compatible Pitching Machines to avoid any damage. One wheel machines, or cheaper pitching machines may not be able to handle the weight of the overload balls (6oz, 7oz, 8oz).
For optimal accuracy, yes. However, we have found that the 3oz and 4oz balls throw generally in the same location. Pitch location is generally the same with the 6oz and 7oz balls as well. The 8oz balls usually need a completely separate setting from the rest. Speed up the bottom wheel when feeding the overload balls to maximize carry. Settings vary by machine type and strength.
Our C25 weighted balls last just as long as a normal baseball would! Our baseballs are covered in durable full grain leather. These balls will typically last 1-2 years on average depending on how often you use them.
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