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Our Affiliates

Train with our C25 Weighted Baseballs at any one of our Affiliate Training Programs across the Country.

Seven Tool Catching

Long Island NY

TJ Riccio Catching

Long Island, NY

Mid West Catching Academy

Tulsa OK


Manassas VA

Prime Time Catching

Brownstown, MI

1.90 Catcher Training & Development

Tampa/St.Petersburg FL

Catching Genetics

Tampa, FL

Ballers Baseball

LakeLand, FL

Echevarria Catching Academy

New Jersey

Dominate The Dish Softball

Tampa, FL

Colorado Catchers

Thornton, CO

Rawlings Tigers


Canadian Catchers

Orangeville, Ontario

Brickwall Baseball

Monmouth County, NJ

Canuck Catching


Matt Martin Baseball

Pittsburgh, PA

Evolution Catching

New Jersey/Virginia

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